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Trophy Room Alcova Miami 2023 Design WeekImage of Objects for Objects Barney Chair in brown lacquer next to Hay dining table and Gustav Westman Mirror, photographed by Aden Wang
Trophy Room Alcova Miami Design Week 2023Objects for Objects Navy Blue Soft Wave Bench upholstered in Raf Simons Phlox Corduroy from Kvadrat Textiles
Objects for Objects side wall table in Chartreuse to baby blue Ombre image from Bi_Rite Studio
Objects for Objects Areaware Seymour Candle Holder in Tangerine and Lavender. Image by Areaware
Objects for Objects Bored Shelf Console in Lavender and Peach
Objects for Objects Mama Seymour Lamp with Black and white stripes on nightstand
Founder of Objects for Objects, Leonard Bessemer, assembles Mallow Lamps
Objects for Objects Architectural Digest Custom Crafted IKEA Billy Bookcase Challenge