Objects for Objects is a Los Angeles based furniture and design studio founded in 2017 by Leonard Bessemer.  As a self-taught carpenter, Leonard cut his teeth working with the sculptor, David Thorpe, in Berlin.  This experience had a large influence on the sculptural approach we take to our design practice.   Our goal is to create furniture and objects that are collectible and valued for their existence as a visual and spatial objects; not just for their function. We do this in hope that they will be better cared for, repaired, and passed on as they age.  

As a small operation, much of the fabrication is done in-house and is made to order.  As we grow and expand we hope to put more pieces in more spaces using the most ethical and sustainable means available. For right now this means small-batch production, limited-editon runs, and pre-orders.   We hope you’ll join us on this journey and let us be apart of your spaces.



Leonard Bessemer is the owner & founder of Objects for Objects - a brand that makes fun sculptural furniture and home goods. We discuss what it means to be an artist vs maker, the troubles of running a business making things by hand, and what it means to be made in America. We also discuss the implications of technology, and where it’s headed, along with many other topics. 

Inner View - Episode 11 - December 2020


"I’d work 8-12hrs a day working on projects for money and squeeze in time for my furniture pieces after that. There were lots of all-nighters. In the beginning, I was mostly making pieces for my own house or things I hadn’t seen before and thought should exist."

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belle magazine - March 2020


"But even more than that, he’s inspired by the interplay between fantasy and reality and the potential of furniture to be something more powerful and comforting than a mere object in the room."

Sight Unseen - American Design Hotlist - December 2019


What happens when Urban Outfitters - a major lifestyle retailer highlighting creativity and cultural understanding - and Clever - the young, dynamic, online-oriented branch of Architectural Digest - join forces in the field of design? The emergence of new talents in American design.

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